Isle of Wight Boat Registration

  • Access to Isle of Wight waters with the registration.
  • Obtain official registration under the Isle of Wight flag.
  • Sworn translation services are available if needed.
  • Survey requirements vary based on the type of registration.
  • Choose to register as a private or corporate owner.
  • Registration is valid for 1 year.
  • Benefit from all-inclusive prices with no hidden fees.
  • Open to boat owners of all nationalities.


Register boat in Isle of Wight

Register your yacht under Isle of Wight Flag

Yacht Registration under the Isle of Wight Flag

The Isle of Wight government wants all boats and jet skis to be registered. They made a process to help private boat owners register quickly. To do this, owners need to give details like the boat's name, how long it is, its engine info, and show they really own it.

If you have a boat and follow the rules from the Isle of Wight registration people, you can register your boat. Registering a boat is important for keeping things safe, secure, and following the rules of the sea. The way to register and what you need might change based on how big and what kind of boat you have.

What are the main advantages of registering under the Isle of Wight flag:

  • International Recognition: The Isle of Wight flag may offer recognition and acceptance in international waters.
  • Legal Compliance: Ensures compliance with Isle of Wight maritime regulations.
  • Safety: Contributes to maritime safety by having a record of all registered boats.
  • Security: Facilitates tracking and identification of boats for security purposes.
  • Ownership Confirmation: Provides an official record confirming boat ownership.
  • Insurance: Facilitate boat insurance coverage.
  • Search and Rescue: Assists in efficient search and rescue operations during emergencies.

What is the procedure to register a boat in Isle of Wight?

To register a boat in Isle of Wight, you typically need to follow these steps:

  • Please Make an order online
  • Pay the registration fee
  • Provide us all the necessary documents
  • We will send you the documents to be signed

What documents are needed to register under the Isle of Wight Flag?

  • Vessel Information: Name, length, and engine details.
  • Proof of Ownership: Documentation confirming ownership.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Adherence to Isle of Wight registration conditions.
  • Personal Identification: Owner's identification documents.
  • Inspection: Some cases may require a boat inspection.
  • Insurance: Proof of boat insurance coverage.

Isle of Wight Yacht Registration or register in Poland (see bottom of page)

We can register your boat in Isle of Wight or in 20 other flag registration jurisdictions. As the largest flag registration company we have a lot of experience in the registration of yachts in Isle of Wight.

When registering your boat it is important to first discuss with a boat registration specialist the best place to do this. This choice will depend on a number of factors including; type of use (private, bare boat or commercial), size and tonnage of your boat, private or corporate owned and even if the VSAT has been paid (if in Europe).

Start by contacting us and give us a short explanation of your personal circumstances. We can then advise you on where to register your boat. Your nationality does NOT matter as there are many “open” register countries that will accept boat owners from any country!

One recommendation is: register your boat in Poland from € 420,- and it is valid for life (no renewal cost) Do you need a European Union flag registration that is valid around the world and is available to all nationalities? We can provide you with a Polish (EU) flag registration. This registration is valid for the lifetime of the boat and therefore you will not need to renew your paperwork. The Polish Registration is an actual vessel flag registration and is valid around the world with no limitations.

The whole process is very simple, as you do not need a yacht survey and we can arrange a fully valid provisional registration in 2 days. The cost is from €420,- this is all-inclusive and a one-time fee with no renewal fee.

You can read all details here:

Flag Country Comparison Table
  Poland United Kingdom Langkawi San Marino
How fast can it be done? 24 hours 3 Days 5 Days 2 Days
Available for all nationalities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Validation Period For life 5 years For life 5 years
Flag certificate Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ownership registration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Survey mandatory No Yes No No
Valid worldwide Yes Yes Yes Yes
Suitable for commercial yachts no / yes Yes Yes Yes
Price from 420 EUR 549 GBP 950 USD 590 EUR
See Details See Details See Details See Details

All International Payment Methods Accepted